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When you have multiple Microsoft Exchange Servers receiving emails, you have to create exactly the same receive-connectors. And that begins to be a nightmare when you have multiple incoming smtp relays with dedicated IP addresses

How to sign XML file with PowerShell

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It often happened in my developments to have to protect my sources, and be sure that the configuration XML file I used, was not modified by some people. For that, the idea if to sign my configuration XML file, and later the program which has to read the file to first check XML signature.
As I searched the web how to automatically deploy NANO server and join it to Active Directory, I could only find incomplete solutions. I saw many things with manual copy of the blob generated with djoin.exe ...

DSC myAdExchPrepareSchema.psm1

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During some automatized deployments, as often, we have to deploy Microsoft Exchange 2016 automatically.
When a user opens an Active Directory session with his smartcard, it happens that some applications do not support smartcard logon, but needs classical user/password login.