Clients Office 365, protégez votre messagerie !!!

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Beaucoup d'utilisateurs Office 365 pensent être protégés des SPAM et virus avec l'offre Exchange online incluse dans Office 365, mais c'est faux.
Do you know that Microsoft will enforce all privileged Azure AD accounts to use Multi Factor Authentication in march? It was announced in june 2018. Be prepared for that: Global administrator, SharePoint administrator, Exchange administrator, Conditional access administrator, Security administrator are concerned


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Suite au succès de notre afterwork sécurité de décembre, venez nous rejoindre à l'afterwork RGPD du 21 février à BeBooster, suivi d'un pot dînatoire au Métro. J'y animerai la présentation d'outils Microsoft de protection des données.
When you have multiple Microsoft Exchange Servers receiving emails, you have to create exactly the same receive-connectors. And that begins to be a nightmare when you have multiple incoming smtp relays with dedicated IP addresses

La sécurisation des environnements Cloud Microsoft

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L'objectif de cette présentation est de parcourir rapidement certains points clés de sécurité lors de la mise en œuvre de Microsoft Office 365

ANVOLE participe aux ateliers de la Cybersécurité

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ANVOLE participe aux ateliers de la Cybersécurité et présentera "La sécurisation des environnements Microsoft Cloud et Office 365"
Want to be rid of Skype for Business and Teams cohabitation? You want to receive directly Skype calls on Teams, but option 'Teams Only' does not appear in teams upgrade ...
Windows Server 2008 Mainstream support end date was 1/13/2015. Only if you pay for Extended support, end date would be 1/14/2020. You now have the possibility to get free extended security updates if you move AZURE or better to upgrade on-premises environments and stay protected
Basic phishing emails are so effective that most hackers don't use exploit kits anymore. It becomes very easy to spread virus ransomware if your mail servers are not protected, even with Office 365 and Exchange OnLine.
Regularly customers ask "why should I raise ADDS functional level"? Here are the anwsers
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