Do you know that Microsoft will enforce all privileged Azure AD accounts to use Multi Factor Authentication in march? It was announced in june 2018. Be prepared for that: Global administrator, SharePoint administrator, Exchange administrator, Conditional access administrator, Security administrator are concerned
Lorsque plusieurs serveurs Microsoft Exchange reçoivent des e-mails, vous devez créer exactement les mêmes connecteurs de réception. Et cela commence à être un cauchemar lorsque vous avez plusieurs relais SMTP entrants avec des adresses IP dédiées
Want to be rid of Skype for Business and Teams cohabitation? You want to receive directly Skype calls on Teams, but option 'Teams Only' does not appear in teams upgrade ...
Windows Server 2008 Mainstream support end date was 1/13/2015. Only if you pay for Extended support, end date would be 1/14/2020. You now have the possibility to get free extended security updates if you move AZURE or better to upgrade on-premises environments and stay protected
Basic phishing emails are so effective that most hackers don't use exploit kits anymore. It becomes very easy to spread virus ransomware if your mail servers are not protected, even with Office 365 and Exchange OnLine.
Regularly customers ask "why should I raise ADDS functional level"? Here are the anwsers
WUAUCLT no more working on Windows 10 and Server 2016? Please replace with USOCLIENT.EXE

Remote Desktop Administrative Session

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When you connect to Microsoft Windows RDS (Remote Desktop Services), it can be done either as a USER or as an ADMIN. If you don't do anthing, each administrator consume one license. Moreover, if you are behind an RDS-broker, a user would always be load balanced to a particular server
Windows Server 2016 is the first version of Windows to ship support for container technology built in to the OS. In Server 2016, two types of containers are available: Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers. Each container type supports either the Server Core or Nano Server SKU of Windows Server 2016.

How to sign XML file with PowerShell

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It often happened in my developments to have to protect my sources, and be sure that the configuration XML file I used, was not modified by some people. For that, the idea if to sign my configuration XML file, and later the program which has to read the file to first check XML signature.
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